Rabboni Bible Training Institute

It is sown in dishonor; it is raised in glory: it is sown in weakness; it is raised in power: 1corinthians 15:43

Vision of the Bible School – Healthy Seeds, Wealthy Harvest

Rabboni Bible Training Institute (RBTI) was established on 2, October 2002 and is one of the wings of Rabboni with us. A seed, to start a Bible school was sown by Rev. Rathinaraj our Theological teacher and our spiritual counselor. But later, the Lord guided to lead the bible school with the vision “Healthy Seeds… Wealthy Harvest”, which again corroborate with the overall vision of Rabboni with Us “Revival through Refining”.


A quality seed is essential to produce quantum of seeds with abounding nourishment. The quality is possible when the seeds undergo the treatment process, which is a turbulence experience, yet disciple oriented. And God demands quality and refined servants to yield fruitful children for His Vineyard. Therefore, the bible institute is focusing on producing quality servants of God from the believers.

To realize this, the born again Christians who are with the thirst to go deep into the word of God and to serve the fellow members and nation are appreciated and encouraged to join the bible institute. The bible institute is a platform to inculcate them by unveiling the theological truths, power in word of God the significance of salvation and revival and chisel them in all phases of Christian ministry to reach the unreached. The Certificate of Theology Course covers the following:
1.Introduction to the Bible
2.History of Israel
3.Bible survey (Old & New Testament)
4.Pauline Epistles
5.Homiletics (The art of preaching)
6.Minor Prophetical books
7.Evangelism (soul winning)
8.Church History
9.Synoptic gospel

Currently, it is functioning as a part time bible institute by offering a one year course on Certificate of Theology. Both theoretical and outreach practical sessions are being conducted. The Credit Hour for each student is 12 Hours per week. The students are given convocation once they are qualified from the examination. Thus far, 5 batches of convocation were witnessed in which 53 (including 35 female) encompassing hindu converted got certified. The aftermath of this effort unbound the commitment of 15 members’ into the ministry including the 5 into fulltime ministry and the rest into the church ministry.

The RBTI is planning to make it as a full-fledged bible college in the years to come.

Pastor. Mohan Raj has been assumed the role as a Chief Executive and Director in-charge of these Theological Studies.

In addition, Pastor. Peter Wurmbrand has also joined as a Faculty in the Rabboni Bible Training Institute.