Pas.Joshua J. Yestove

He knew not that HE would call! Attracted by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda (the Indian Hindu saint who addressed the World Congress of Religions to a standing ovation way back in A.D.1893), Joshua at the age of 19 came to a conclusion that man can do anything, if he had faith in his own self.

He always contemplates optimistic and embark on to dream big. After not getting enough success in a medicinal pharmacy business as he expected in his early twenties, he decided to take up fishing as a main stay profession on the path to business development expressing his doctrine “Why not?” and “DHF: Dare, Hard Work and Faith”. Though it is his family occupation he was well not aware of its nuances and entered as an amateur. He chose to work from Thangachimadam, which is his native village in the islands of Rameshwaram. He met with a huge loss in the fishing business in his late twenties.


That is when the turmoil started in his life. The dark realities of a middle class individual into huge debts and the consequences that the whole family starts facing are not easy to digest. It is a situation where people scorn and shout not at the individual alone but his entire family. Thankfully the entire family stood by him. The father had just then chosen a voluntary retirement from the government job, and rendered all his returns of the job to pay off as much debts as they could.
A small mercy that God then showered was to bind a girl by name Angel Victrin Tresa into his life, who quietly walked, hand-in-hand, and chose to share all his woes and troubles along with the remaining family members. He faced an awful circumstance and utter humiliation among all his relatives at his home village.

One of those days, the Lord touched his sister Nancy and slowly penetrated into their family for the remaining members to taste HIS love. But Joshua kept waiting with the strong words of Vivekananda “Arise, Awake and Stop Not till reached the Goal”. As days rolled on, the situation became worse and he could not withstand, even go out and lead a decent life due to the drowning nature of debt and perturbing yelling of people. He was precisely into a shell. The family members supported him by prayer and finance and slowly there was a shift in his attitude to turn towards the Lord, the savior Jesus and regular in attending the church.

Cherishing and immortal memories! The Day… God held his hands!

It was a Sunday, the year 1997, December 28th. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit” the Lord touched him by His own thundering and prophetical word in the Church. The Lord extended His spiritual move by hitting him right on his strong belief that “I can do everything” through His words. The very moment the Lord touched him, Joshua was like a baby, sobbed unto Him and subdued his total self and carved a new relation with Him.

Joshua breathed a whiff of fresh air and got a new life after the Lord’s touch and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. He started growing in word of God day by day like a caterpillar chewing leaves and intensifying his prayer life. Within a short span after the salvation experience, at the age of 30, he was called by God for full time ministry in the year 1998.

Joshua often sheds light on a remarkable childhood incident, which did happen when he was in 3rd standard. He had a habit of reading the bible in a high pitch on the dawn of everyday, sitting in the doorstep. The next door neighbor found it disquieting and made a complaint to his father better to halt it and also passed a sarcastic comment to Joshua, “Are you going to be a Preacher?” He did not literally like the word “Preacher” and that was the culmination point to close the bible at the age of 8 and he never turned a single page after until he gets bound to His words and abundant love.


This made a huge gap not knowing the bible when he was called, and he decided to join Pentecostal Bible College in Chennai, India for studying the Scriptures. It is incredible that he loved to be the preacher, for which he took the same bible that he closed it when he was 8 just because he unloved the word preacher. The Lord’s mighty hand moved strategically from then on by blessing his sister with a job of in an International funding Organization. He had successfully completed his Bachelor in Theology in the year 2001.

HE called to his native land where he was scorned!

There were many hard times during his Bible student years but God taught him and Angel a lot and helped them strengthen and build their hope and faith in God. After his graduation, the Holy Spirit gave him a strong desire to go to his native place, Thangachimadam, where he was scorned by his own relatives to the core.

Joshua and Angel went back and started life in the village with nothing on hand. When he obeyed to His Voice, God opened a new door for him to do His Ministry in his native land. The Lord started showing result by touching many people through his preaching Ministry and made them accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Joshua thus became a fisher of men among the fishermen in the villages and the neighboring.

He has an innate talent to articulate things clearly and concisely by writing both in Tamil and English. During one such occasion, a person who gave huge debt, yelled at Joshua, that “your handwriting and the way you communicate are very good, but definitely not your fate”. But the Creator chiseled that writing talent to give prophetical and expatriate messages to earn and harvest many souls for His kingdom. God Himself articulates through Joshua in writing prophetical sermons and key Rhema in the printed News Letter and fortnightly Epistle, which penetrates many hearts and souls voicing and echoing the Lord’s expectations to weigh their state and refine.

Pr. Joshua J. Yestove has been teaching the ‘Word of God’ since 2000. The Lord anointed him specially to teach His words prophetically among pastors, leaders and believers. He has been reviving the church through his prophetic teachings. His passions for revival led him to receive a vision, Revival through Refining from the Revealer! The Lord is using him in a mighty way to be a blessed son for many. The powerful sermons of the Lord through him is captured in the CD and sent to many including people living abroad for receiving fruitful refinement and thereby blessings. Its’ just a beginning and the Ministry has to escalate in the ladder of revival in the coming days and years.

His wife Angel Victrin Tresa is a real blessing who walks with him thick and thin and in-charge of the church activities. The parent who bestowed their one and only son to the kingdom of God now realize multiple children in the congregation.