Be still and know that HE is God. HE will be exalted among the nations. HE will be exalted in the earth.

Rabboni with Us is an Independent Church, which has fellowship with “Jesus with Us -PRAYER GARDEN”, Kallaiyarkoil, Sivaganga District, Tamil Nadu.

In the year 2001 according to God’s plan and purpose, Rabboni with Us church was planted in the South Coastal town of Rameshwaram-Islandin the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Under the Spiritual and Fatherly Guidance and mentorship of Fr. Berchmans the Founder & President of Prayer Garden Ministries Rabboni with Us arrived to ‘Empower the believers for Revival through Refining’.

Rabboni with us…. a church with a vision of “Revival through Refining” thrives to empower the believers for revival across nation and globe by grounding them through the refining process to taste the power in the word of God and thereby making them to lead a sin free and righteous life and realize their inherent God given potentials and use it for revival.

It tries to cultivate and enhance a desire in each of the believer to live a life of committed Minister to the Lord Jesus Christ. Also focuses on turning the lives of gentiles to lead a righteousness life and thereby make them a change agent and sustain selves as witness among others.

The Ministry is also focusing on preparing and building the next generation leaders as there is a huge requirement of such leaders in the future. The God has started paving a path for the Senior Pastor to take the power in word of God among the leaders, believers, pastors and gentiles in other places spanning different districts and states.

If you are looking for a worship experience that will leave an eternal joy in your life, looking for a Ministry that will be for your entire family, we at the Rabboni with Us believe, God is building strong families, one soul at a time.


The Christ Jesus knew how the Ministry should be and given a vision to Pas. Joshua J Yestove. Right from the beginning, HE had chosen and united the gifted vessels (Pr. Mohan, Pr. Peter and Pr. Judha) with indispensable capacity to bind themselves in the Ministry by comprehending the vision as it is.

The Team which is leading the Ministry

Pas. Joshua J. Yestove, Senior Pastor

Pas. Mohan Raj, Associate Pastor

Pas. Peter Wumbrand, Associate Pastor

Pas. Judha Benhar, Associate Pastor